CLIENT - City of Germantown, Tennessee

DESCRIPTION - As part of the extension of Wolf River Boulevard, the City of Germantown took the opportunity to extend their greenway system through the Wolf River bottomlands.  The Greenway will contain a 1.6 mile long asphalt trail system running west to east, connecting the existing greenway trail with residential areas in the eastern portion of Germantown.  Along with being developed as a recreational amenity, educational nodes are located along the path so that the Parks Department can take advantage of the greenway as part of their summer educational sessions. The trail is also designed to withstand seasonal flooding, as it is located within the floodplain for the Wolf River. As part of funding for the Greenway, the design team assisted Germantown with the preparation of a Transportation Enhancement Grant. The trail will function as an alternative transportation route for pedestrians and bicyclists, reducing the number of vehicles on the roads and providing a safe link for people to move through the city.