CLIENT - South End Partners

DESCRIPTION - Previously a hub for railroad and warehouses, the largely abandoned South End district of downtown Memphis is seen as a hot spot of urban renewal. Planners, developers, and citizens have shown a renewed interest in revitalizing the urban core of Memphis with retail, entertainment, and residential uses. Dalhoff Thomas design|studio worked with a determined group of developers and property owners in the South End to develop guidelines that would create an identity for the area and revitalize this section of downtown Memphis into a mixed-use urban mainstay. Concepts for different areas and gateways were expanded to show the possibilities of the South End if redeveloped into a booming urban core. Analysis of the district addressed the following issues: 

  • Railroad underpasses that form entrances into the South End will be enhanced to create distinct gateways and define the borders.
  • Creating a pedestrian friendly district to promote a healthy, active lifestyle.
  • Clearly defining and directing vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
  • Creating strong connectivity with the surrounding uses in downtown Memphis.
  • Adding unifying elements such as banners, landscape and hardscape elements.
  • The addition of pocket parks to add green space.
  • The addition of artistic elements to help give the area its unique identity.