CLIENT - The Bank of Bartlett

DESCRIPTION - Providence Place is a 45-acre development in Arlington, Tennessee, whose design accommodates a diverse mix of uses while successfully creating both vehicular and pedestrian connectivity across the site.

Area 1 is meant to function as the Village Center and to accommodate retail shops and restaurants on the ground floor with two floors of residential lofts above. This area also provides for outdoor amenities such as outdoor dining, a large public plaza and green, an amphitheater, a lake, walking paths, and a dog park. These assets are amenities to all residents and employees within the Providence Place Development.

Area 2 is meant to accommodate medium sized outparcel-type services and retailers such as hotels, small office buildings, restaurants, and banks. The area has also been sized to accommodate a conference center in conjunction with a hotel.

Areas 3, 4, 5, & 8 are meant to serve the surrounding population with a variety of retail shops, businesses, and/or restaurants.

Area 6 is meant to accommodate a small campus of office buildings, which being made of a similar architectural style creates the campus environment while the adjacent pedestrian greenway provides easy access to the Mixed-Use Village Center within Area 1.

Area 7 is envisioned to serve the surround population with a mix of office and retail uses within a flex building.

The common open spaces within Providence Place are scattered throughout the property but connected through pedestrian greenways with the largest open space being located adjacent to the western boundary of the site. This common open space features amenities such as a lake, walking trails, a community garden, and a dog park. A second open space serves as an East/West pedestrian corridor between the Mixed-Use Village Center in Area 1 and the office and retail uses on the eastern portion of the site. Finally, streetscapes with street trees help promote a pedestrian scale while buffers on the east and south boundaries screen adjacent uses.