CLIENT - City of Millington, Tennessee


Currently the City of Millington lacks any type of unified vision or strategy for implementing a comprehensive Greenway plan. As a result, the City has not been able to take full advantage of its resources to be able to enhance the quality of life, environmental health, or economic opportunities for its citizens. Past efforts have included a Recreation Study that inventoried existing recreation facilities and made recommendations for future needs, but the issue of greenways was not addressed.

 As part of their effort to make Millington the best it can be, the City’s leaders and citizens have continued to recognize the value of open space, recreational options, and the importance of preserving the natural environment, while also understanding that both open space and trails are important to the quality of life of a diverse community. These goals have led to the creation of the Millington Greenway Plan.

The Plan is designed to serve as a guide to develop an integrated, connected system of greenways, paths, and sidewalks to connect the existing park system, open spaces, and major destination points located throughout the City. One of the main goals of the Greenway Plan is to link these spaces to neighborhoods, and provide citizens with greater access to greenspace, as well as alternative transportation choices. The Greenbelt Plan will serve as a flexible, comprehensive, and long-range planning document. It is also a guide for identifying significant open space areas within the City, potential trail locations, and is a tool for planning and developing the entire Greenway system.