CLIENT - Memphis & Shelby County Office of Sustainability | United Housing, Inc.

AWARDS - Winner - First Place

DESCRIPTION - The winning design concept utilizes low impact development principles to create a unique residential community, locating 40 homes, a clubhouse, streets, and amenities in an undisturbed, wooded environment. Our design minimizes the footprint on site to avoid disrupting the natural processes, immersing residents in the natural areas and allowing them to experience the stormwater treatment process.

Green Infrastructures Practices, such as Urban Bioretention and Reforestation, are used throughout the site. With a target Rv of 0.20, our low impact development is able to achieve an Rv value of 0.08, resulting in approximately 98,000 gallons of storm water runoff being infiltrated on site during a one inch rainfall. Cost comparisons for our concept also reveal that our green design is about $80,000 less expensive than a traditional grey design. For a given gallon of runoff to be remediated, it is 2.4 times more cost effective to treat it with our GIP design.

For more information about the Low Impact Development Design Competition, visit:  Memphis & Shelby County Office of Sustainability

Photo Gallery:  LID Design Competition Final Presentation Night