CLIENT - City of Germantown, Tennessee

AWARDS - 2013 Tennessee ASLA Honor Award - Master Planning

DESCRIPTION - Located on 10 acres in the middle of Germantown, TN, Bobby Lanier Farm is a new model of park for the suburban municipality. Formerly a dairy farm and horse boarding facility, the City sought to take advantage of the site’s agricultural roots and create a park that focused on agriculture and education. Led by DT design|studio, the Master Plan process included a series of public input workshops, public presentations, and ultimately a Master Plan and Planning Booklet that reflect the vision of the community and City. Elements of the Master Plan include: community gardens, kitchen garden, restored orchard, restored barns, event lawn, crop production area, compost facility, and rental facilities. The Master Plan focuses on the detailed development and management of the Farm, while providing a vision for the future and illustrating the long-range potential of the site. Phasing options are established to prioritize immediate and long-term strategies, and identify specific target projects for implementation. The Master Plan serves as a foundation for the City of Germantown, and is intended to be used for fundraising and promotional efforts to the Germantown community.