CLIENT - Shelby County Government - Shelby County, Tennessee

DESCRIPTION - Dalhoff Thomas design|studio teamed with The Corradino Group and System Metrics Group, Inc. in an outstanding effort of delivering Memphis-Shelby County MPO, as well as local municipalities, with a solid foundation in their efforts to properly plan growth along the I-269/TN-385 corridor.  Technical data as well environmental data was sampled and taken into consideration as sites were identified as potential marketable large-scale development sites. 

The purposes of the TN-385/I-269 Corridor Economic Development/Environmental Study are:

  • To examine opportunities for large scale economic development projects along the Corridor.
  • To identify the environmentally sensitive areas of the Corridor.
  • To provide the municipalities and Chambers of Commerce with quantifiable research and data to identify marketable sites for development that they can then promote.
  • To strengthen relationships and lead to further collaboration on regional economic development strategies.

The study began with a presentation to the Project Steering Committee (SC) of the work plan and schedule in September 2012. That was followed by a tour in November of the TN-385/I-269 Corridor of eighteen sites that may meet the study’s objectives. Those sites were narrowed to 11.  Then, a “macro” economic analysis was performed to identify the economic sectors upon which to focus in developing those 11 sites.  Subsequently, conceptual land use plans were prepared along with estimates of the cost to develop infrastructure to serve the sites, as well as the number of permanent (post construction) jobs the proposed development could accommodate.  This report summarizes all these tasks and presents a plan to move forward to further strengthen the economies of Shelby County and its municipalities.