CLIENT - City of Grenada, Mississippi

DESCRIPTION - The City of Grenada chose Dalhoff Thomas design|studio to prepare the master plan for the 176-acre Grenada Sports Park. Located centrally in the state of Mississippi, the City saw the potential to develop a recreation complex to serve the needs of its citizens, as well as serve as a regional tournament facility that could have a major economic impact on the City. So that the park could be programmed as much as possible, the Master Plan includes a tournament-level soccer facility and a tournament-level baseball/softball complex. The entire park is centered around a Central Park that includes a playground, spray park, amphitheater, pond, and fishing pier that can be used by the citizens, as well as an amenity to draw teams and families to events being held at the park. A portion of the site is held as future expansion area to accommodate any future needs the City may have.