CLIENT - City of Covington, Tennessee

DESCRIPTION - Home to the county courthouse, Covington Square has long served as the historic heart of Tipton County. But time and wear had given the Square a worn and dated appearance, and businesses have slowly been moving to the local highway bypass. A comprehensive planning process led to the creation of a master plan and series of goals for the redevelopment of downtown. In 2004, a Transportation Enhancement Grant served as the impetus to start the redevelopment of Covington Square. Major elements of the renovation include: using pavers matching the historic courthouse to designate pedestrian areas and create an attractive walking experience, period light poles, trash cans, and benches that enhance the historic environment, narrower streets and wider sidewalks to encourage visitors to park and walk rather than drive their cars, a total change to the vehicular circulation pattern around the square to eliminate dangerous interactions with pedestrians. The Courthouse Square has been enlarged and lengthened, enlarging the amount of greenspace around the building, creating the appearance of a Courthouse set within a park.