CLIENT - Center Hill Partnership

DESCRIPTION - Center Hill Plantation is divided into small parcels and designed around the neighborhood concept for development. The neighborhood idea is based upon the provisions of a full range of housing markets, and recreational activities in which citizens of all ages, interests and incomes can find choices and fulfill their lives largely within their community.

The traffic system for Center Hill Plantation consists of a variety of street designs with varying widths and streetscape details. All streets within the neighborhood allow for a comfort zone for the pedestrian and introduce landscaped greenspace within parkways and common areas. The proposed street system is an interconnecting network within Center Hill Plantation made up of minor residential and minor collector roads. This circulation system provides for adequate vehicular movement within Center Hill Plantation.

The community open spaces provide for a wide variety of recreational activities. The main amenity, being the 75 acres greenway, can be used for hiking, walking to school or just for a bit of passive thinking. Traversing the greenway will be a pedestrian path system that has a length in excess of miles. Additional community elements such as fishing piers, boat ramp, picnic areas, and open space will also provide for community interaction. There are pedestrian paths within common areas, and with the proposed sidewalks, provides for an overall pedestrian circulation system. Likewise, architectural elements such as entranceways and streetscape plantings provide a positive overall aesthetic theme and also provides for a sense of place or community.