CLIENT - Hutton Leasing Company

DESCRIPTION - The Byhalia Commons plan is based on "Gathering Place" principles: Connectivity, Diversity, and Distinguishable planning.  All areas of the plan are well connected by a pedestrian network.  Although some areas have different uses, it is important for them to be well connected and flow together seamlessly.  Diversity is in the mix of uses, which is a very important principle to follow, again for sustainability.  This gives residents and patrons more than one reason to be within the development.  Having mixed-use areas adds important vitality, economic stability, and safety.  Having a variety of living options within the development also presents the opportunity for residents to live, work and play all within a five-minute walking distance.  Being distinguishable not only with the mix of uses, but other elements such as distinguishable markers and architecture, as well as commonly needed retail opportunities, will make Byhalia Commons a unique place.