CLIENT - Shelby County, Tennessee

AWARDS - 2019 Tennessee ASLA Honor Award - Analysis and Planning

DESCRIPTION - In conjunction with Sasaki Associates, DT Design worked to create a Master Plan for over 1600 acres along the Big Creek River in Millington, TN to function as a flood storage park. This project was born out of the HUD National Disaster Resilience Competition which awarded Shelby County a grant to help mitigate the flooding experienced in the Millington area in 2010 and 2011. Following an extensive process of public engagement and coordination with state and local agencies, the Master Plan design incorporates flood storage, active and passive recreation, as well as educational programming in three distinct areas across the site. Great care was taken in layering appropriate program elements within the landscape ecosystems currently present. Completion of the site is currently set for September of 2022.

Master Plan Graphic completed by SASAKI